by Genesis

599 $ USD

Deck 32.1" wood deck
Driven by hub motors (x2)
Motors power 520 Watt
Top speed 20 MPH

Weight 11.6 lbs
Max load 264 lbs
Hill grade 26.8%
Max range 20 Miles
Recharge time 2.5 hours
Battery placement external
You can buy replacement remote on their website but I don't think you can buy replacement wheels.
The Stinger Electric Skateboard uses the latest in electric skateboard technology. The Stinger's skateboard deck is durable, using quality Canadian Maple Wood. Its innovative rechargeable remote control allows you to control the board's every move with the touch of a button. The Stinger board reaches speeds of 20 mph, and its long lasting rechargeable battery enables it to reach distances of up to 20 miles.