I'm a passionate electric longboard owner often looking for new models to strive for. I couldn't find a viable way to search and compare them all so I made this platform to help myself and others searching for the electric skateboard of their dreams ! I keep the list up to date manually on my spare times. Not every existing electric skateboards are there yet, please be patient :) 


Skateboards specs

Note that actual skateboards specs may vary from what is listed here. I try to gather as much accurate informations as possible but sometimes specs differ from pages to pages on a company website or they claim performances that are hardly matched by actual users of the boards. To make things constant, I only use specs that are claimed by the companies and I add a textual warning message on top of the skateboard's page if there is something you should be aware of.


Impartiality toward brands

This is a personal project and I'm not backed by any company. I'm therefore impartial toward brands and electric skateboard models. I won't put models forward because I'm paid to. But I may inform you when a company is trying to rip customers off or when their final product is far from what they advertise. The discounts available on the homepage are mainly coming from referral programs offered by companies.