by Stary

899 $ USD

Deck 36.88" carbon deck
Driven by hub motor (x1)
Motor power 1500 Watt
Top speed 18.6 MPH

Weight 10.8 lbs
Max load 300 lbs
Hill grade unknown
Max range 8.5 Miles
Recharge time 2 hours
Battery placement internal
This board is only available in pre-order.
Specifications differ a lot on their website. It's hard to know the real performance of the board.
This is the first innovative masterpiece from STARY’s Team: an E-board featuring an in-wheel powering system and embedded battery. A beast that can conquer any type of road, and a newly designed commuting device that brings a brand new perspective to the world of transportation. It is more than just a simple tool; it brings both joy and excitement to the new lifestyle that we all thrive for.