by Yuneec

700 $ USD

Deck wood deck
Driven by belt motor (x1)
Motor power 400 Watt
Top speed 12 MPH

Weight 13.9 lbs
Max load 220 lbs
Hill grade 10%
Max range 18 Miles
Recharge time 4 hours
Battery placement external
Ride the future! Meet the newest member of the E-GO series. Featuring a 12mm, eight-layer composite wood deck with a classic kicktail shape, the E-GO2 is both durable and flexible, while offering improved control and steering compared to the previous generation. Its motor provides up to 400W of power that delivers maximum speed up to 12.5 mph. Acceleration and braking are controlled using a Bluetooth remote controller, with two riding and speed modes available to accommodate riders of various skill and experience.  The on-board battery provides a riding range of approximately 18 miles, depending on rider weight and road conditions, with a recharge time of around three to five hours. Weighing in at 13.9 lbs, the board is relatively lightweight for an electric skateboard, making it easier to with you between rides.